Dalmatians to Adopt

Do email us for more info.  If you are looking for a particular type of dalmatian personality, be aware that not all of our fosters make it to the web.  We keep a list of potential adopters and sometimes have a dal placed before ever listing him.

FOSTER HOMES are in short supply!!  IF we have no foster home to take a dog in need, we must turn them away.  So, do check in with us!


D10 7034


This stunning female liver Dal is friendly to everyone, loves kids and other dogs, car rides and walks.  She is part of a bonded pair with Benji, and depends on him for cues to help her deal with being deaf.  They have been together all her life (6 years), and as part of a military family, have moved around the country, including GITMO.  However, this time the couple is being stationed where they cannot take the dogs, so are putting them up for adoption.


D10 7030

Benji is a handsome 8 year old boy, bonded with Molly, but loving to family members as well.  He loves walks, car rides, and play time in the water.  He does well with large dogs, but is not so tolerant of small dogs, cats or pet rodents.  He and Molly are in the 60 lb - 65 lb range.  They are well-mannered housepets.   ADOPTED TOGETHER!

D10 7042


Molly Cameron MO 3

    This wonderful Molly is 4 years old, about 60 lbs, and loves car rides, taking walks, running with a partner, and treats.  She is loving with the big kids in the family, but doesn’t like the small children that Mom babysits, so she would do best in a home without kids, or with older kids.  Like most Dals, Molly loves attention and being included in family life.  

Molly Cameron MO 2

 Bonus: She is a good exterminator of moles and muskrats in the backyard!

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