In Memory of Sally Sue

      Her name was Sally Sue.  She probably hadn't even had a birthday yet.  She lived much of her life on a chain in the front yard.  She had a dog house and some rags for a bed.

     The elderly couple were her second owners.  They tried to keep her.  But one day Sally knocked over the little old lady.  She just wanted to be friendly.  And she was so happy to see her supper coming.

      But the little old lady was frightened of breaking a bone.  So that day she called Animal Control.  They sent the truck to pick up Sally.  The police came, too, because of the little old lady's injuries.  The red lights were flashing, and Sally was taken away.  End of problem.  For her owners.

      But for Sally, the trouble had just begun.  She was in a pen with a dozen other dogs.  Apparently, Sally had never been vaccinated.

By the time SpotSavers could arrange foster care, one week later, Sally had gotten sick.

      Her foster mom took her to the veterinarian, but Sally Sue was in the final stages of parvovirus.  Mercifully, the vet put her to sleep.  For Sally the neglect was over.  But she paid for it with her life.

Her owners are probably fantasizing about the wonderful home Sally is enjoying with her new adoptive family.

      Sally's foster mom wept for her while she disinfected her home to protect her own beloved dogs.  The vet, a young woman with a family and dogs of her own, had to inject the lethal dose into this very young Dally and arrange for disposal of her lifeless body.  Other rescue volunteers extended their sympathy and support and expressed their anger at the two sets of owners who neglected this young dog and wondered, who will speak up for Sally Sue?

      We must, all of us.  Annual vaccinations are the very minimum of veterinarian health care for every pet.  If a family cannot provide this minimum care, they need to understand that they are not ready to bring a pet into their home.  We must all take the responsibility for educating the unaware.

Who will remember Sally Sue?

Please, someone,

Name a nameless Dally

In memory of

This dear, departed Sally.

© Janice Boyanchek, May 1998

© Spotsavers 2017