Foster Homes

We Do Not Have a Shelter, But Depend on Foster Care

Foster Care is temporary care by foster "parents" who keep their canine guests safe and help train them to be more adoptable.   Helping a homeless  Dalmatian find a new home and avoid a bad ending is a rewarding experience. 

Qualifications:  To be a foster home, of course, you must love the breed, be very patient, and be willing to spend time working with your foster dog.   As a foster parent, you will observe your foster dog's temperament, behavior and manners.    Foster parents are expected to bring their foster dogs to Adoption Events where they can meet potential adopters.
Sometimes people are afraid to foster because they are afraid of becoming too attached to their guest, and then having to give them up.  Foster families need to keep their goals in mind.  When you are a foster home, you save the lives of many dogs.  As wonderful as it is to adopt, (and we are always looking for loving adoptive homes) adoption saves only one or two dogs.  Fostering saves many, many  more!


We are grateful for our wonderful foster homes, and dedicated volunteers.  If you think you'd like to help, give us a call (314/842-8958) or email us at spotsavers @ (remove spaces) for more information.  

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