Dalmatian Love

People who are hooked on Dalmatians sometimes have trouble explaining what is so captivating about these spotted, shedding motion machines!  Is it the intense devotion a Dalmatian shows toward its family members?  Is it their enthusiasm for life?  Perhaps it is all of those qualities wrapped up in that gorgeous polka-dotted coat!  Whatever the attraction, not everybody finds them the perfect match, and many of those unlucky Dalmatians have found themselves in shelters.

When we find a Dalmatian in a shelter, we do our best to provide a temporary home -- foster care -- to keep him safe until a permanent home can be arranged.  

We cannot say it often enough, ----- 

Foster Care Is the Backbone of Rescue!!

Adopt a Dal--Get a Pal . . .  Adopting an Older Dog                 

Most of the unwanted and abandoned dogs in any community are over the age of 4 years.
Most people who want to adopt a shelter or rescue dog insist on a dog under 2 years old.
Where does that leave the thousands of dogs 6-12 years old? 
It doesn't seem fair that these dogs are left to die in shelters just because they are 6-12 years old.  It doesn't seem to matter that they are healthy, happy, well-behaved.  If they are 6-12 years old, they might die unwanted.

If you have an older dog that you cannot keep, please understand that you hold this dog's life in your hands.  Do everything you can to keep this dog safe.  But do not expect a shelter or a rescue group to perform miracles for your dog.

The older dog has many great advantages: already housebroken, usually has manners and good sense.  A longer attention span makes it easier to train the dog and get him used to your routine.

Will there be no problems?  Will the older dog adjust to a new home seamlessly?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  Generally, problems are small and we are here to help you adjust. 

Invite joy into your life - adopt an older dog! 

There is no better feeling than knowing you have saved the life of a friend; your rescued dog will be your best friend!

If you are interested in learning more about "old" dogs, there is a wonderful book called, "Old Dogs, Old Friends - Enjoying Your Older Dog," by Bonnie Wilcox, DVM and Chris Walkowicz. 

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