Dedicated to finding loving new homes 

for unwanted and homeless Dalmatians since 1986.

It all started with a lovely stray Dalmatian that nobody wanted.  Named Gypsy for her wandering ways, she was the inspiration for Spotsavers.  She spent the rest of her life with her rescuer, Roseann Sauer.  And that was just the beginning…. 

Serving the Greater St. Louis, MO Area

     Our all-volunteer Dalmatian Rescue organization finds homes for unwanted Dalmatians.  We do not have a shelter or kennel, but depend upon foster homes for Dalmatians in our care.  Those in foster care, which is in short supply, usually come from local pounds or shelters, but occasionally owner-surrenders as well.

We are proud that everyone in our organization is a volunteer!  Although we are not a large group, our volunteers are committed to giving abandoned Dalmatians a second chance.
Not For Profit
As a member of Purebred Dog Rescue of St. Louis, we are a 501(c)3, tax-exempt,  all-volunteer non-profit organization.

Your donations are gratefully accepted for the care of Dalmatians in our care.


      We screen the homeless or unwanted Dalmatians for health and temperament.  We screen potential adopters for an appropriate match. Sometimes our beloved breed is not a good choice for a family; in this case, we recommend better alternatives.     
     The average age of Dalmatians we place is 3-4 years old.  But, often  wonderful Dalmatians of 4-9 years old and loving seniors are overlooked by adopters in favor of the youngest pups.  As adorable as puppies are, not everyone has the time to devote to a fast-growing, slow-maturing puppy.  An adult Dalmatian can fit the bill!  A rescued Dalmatian will bond quickly and easily to new  owners.

       Dalmatians need a great deal of physical and mental stimulation.  Without them they can easily become bored and very destructive.  So, you need to set aside time to train and exercise your Dal.  A fully grown Dalmatian can weigh from 45 to 70 lbs. 
       Given the energy, strength and stamina of this breed, it might be surprising to know that Dalmatians are best-suited as house pets.  Dals need to be with their owners; they form strong bonds and are very affectionate.  They will not thrive if confined in a basement, garage, or backyard away from their people.  Yet, you will want a fenced yard for exercising your energetic pal. 

        Dalmatians are devoted to their family members and respond enthusiastically to love and attention.

All of our rescue dogs are spayed or neutered before being placed in new homes.  They will be micro-chipped, current in their shots, heartworm clear and on heartworm preventive.  Our foster dogs generally are housebroken and crate-trained, and all will benefit greatly from a nice obedience class.



Housepets only; fenced yard required.

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